The Caravan Continues: Week Two of Ramazan

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The second week of Ramazan at the dergah was beautiful: not only is the weather beginning to change and the days are getting longer, but the unique taste of Ramazan has really become strong. The cemaat is coming together: cooking, cleaning, preparing things for iftar, doing extra worship and zhikr. You can feel the change in the air, there is excitement and also peace.

We are blessed to have bayaats from new murids fairly regularly, but there is something very special about a Ramazan bayaat! May they be strong in this way, Amin!

Soup is a long standing tradition of iftar as it is recommended in the sunnat of Holy Prophet AS. Lentil soup is also an old tradition of dervishes as a daily meal.  The Osmanli Dergahi lentil soup is some of the best in the world!

The second week comes to an end with beautiful clear nights at the dergah where the half moon is shining and the light pouring from the windows reminds us of the our Sheykh’s light, reflected from Holy Prophet AS, may we always be under its glow, Amin!